Benjamin Chaffin



Portuguese and Brazilian Literatures


Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures (2022)
UC Santa Barbara
Dissertation: Portrait of the Artist Unrealized: A Representation of the 20th-Century Brazilian Writer in Dialogue with U.S. Literature
M.A. in Spanish (2013)
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa | Honolulu
B.A. in English and Creative Writing (2006)
San Francisco State University



Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Johns Hopkins University.


  • PORT 1 (Elementary Portuguese I): Fall 2019
  • PORT 3 (Elementary Portuguese III): Spring 2021
  • PORT 4 (Intermediate Portuguese I): Fall 2020
  • PORT 5 (Intermediate Portuguese II): Winter 2021
  • PORT 16B (Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II): Winter 2020 
  • SPAN 2 (Elementary Spanish II): Winter 2019
  • SPAN 3 (Elementary Spanish III): Spring 2019, Spring 2021
  • C LIT 30B (Major Works in European Literature): Winter 2021
  • C LIT 30C (Major Works in European Literature): Spring 2019