Eduardo P. Raposo

Professor Emeritus


Comparative Romance Grammar. Generative Syntax. Semantics. Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics.


Doctorate, University of Lisbon, 1982


Author of Teoria da Gramática: A Faculdade da Linguagem (Editorial Caminho, Lisbon, 1992). Author or co-author of several articles, including "Some asymetries in the Binding Theory in Romance" (The Linguistic Review, 1985), "On the Null Object in European Portuguese" (in Studies in Romance Linguistics, Foris, 1986) "Clause Union, the Stratal Uniqueness Law and the Chômeur Relation" (Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 1986), "Case Theory and Infl-to-Comp: the Inflected Infinitive in European Portuguese" (Linguistic Inquiry, 1987), "Long-Distance Case Assignment" (Linguistic Inquiry, 1990), "Two types of Small Clauses" (Syntax and Semantics vol 28). Co-editor of Linguistic Perspectives on the Romance Languages (Foris, 1993) and of Probus (International Journal of Latin and Romance Linguistics).